About The Zimburean Center - Zimburean Center
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What the Zimburean Center is About


Here at the Zimburean Center we believe in helping people open to who they really are, discover their highest purpose, heal themselves, and find the greatest meaning for their lives.


The Zimburean Center brings people together to help them align with their True Self and discover their Highest Purpose. Amazing information is shared for helping individuals and couples tap into what is most important for their own evolution and the evolution of our world.

Do you want healing and growth in a comfortable and beautiful setting? Then come join us at the Zimburean Center as we step forward together in expanding consciousness and healing our world. We are calling you home, as if for the first time!


By showing individuals and couples how to align with their Divine Purpose, the Zimburean Center contributes to the evolution of consciousness and the healing of our world.


Authenticity: our programs, teachings, and interactions are a reflection of our personal knowledge, experience, and practice.

Integrity: All our programs, teachings, and choices are a reflection of the highest ethics, standards, and principles.

Evolving Consciously: we are dedicated to the evolution of consciousness as the most effective way of helping our world heal and evolve. Our teachings and choices are in alignment with this ideal and ultimately benefit all.