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Evolving Through Relationship

The subject of relationship is coming up a lot lately. There is a belief out there that finding one’s soul mate results in a relationship that is easy and idyllic. This is a myth. Being in relationship with another person is inevitably challenging, at least some of the time. It can also be wonderfully fulfilling. One of the greatest forms of fulfillment occurs when individuals rely on relationship as an avenue for their own personal growth.

In my relationship with Mike, I’ve experienced tremendous growth through learning to identify my feelings, expressing them when necessary, and asking for what I need. When this is done from a place of centeredness- with the head and heart aligned- the relationship expands. Of course neither of us does this perfectly, or even well, all of the time, nor do we expect to. Nonetheless, the process is vital to the wellbeing and growth of our relationship. When Mike and I are in alignment with our Higher Self/Divine Energy, we can accept all aspects of ourselves and each other, including our ego and our imperfections. It is from this place of complete acceptance that we become whole. From this place of wholeness then, our ego, or what I call our “operative self,” is guided by the Divine Energy. When we relate to each other from this place of wholeness, we catalyze each other’s growth and our consciousness expands, both individually and collectively.

Prioritizing this way of being has allowed us to move to another level of relatedness- one where we can explore aspects of life that are beyond what we refer to as “the third dimension.” By “the third dimension” we mean the day-to-day occurrences of living in this world together and what we experience with our five senses. Beyond this third dimension lies a fuller expression of our being, for example our true purpose, what really matters to us, and our evolutionary impulse to co-create a new and better existence for our selves individually as well as for the entire world.

Lately, we have been reading about and listening to conversations on the topic of expansion of the collective consciousness through relationship. Barbara Marx Hubbard is considered to be a leading voice on the subject of evolution. She explains that to evolve our world and save our planet, we must not only recognize and embrace our own Divinity, but we must then take the necessary step to connect with others through recognizing and embracing their Divinity. When we do this, the outcome can be expansion of consciousness and unlimited co-creativity! This connection is not exclusive to intimate partners. As long as two or more individuals have resonance with one another, this growth is possible. Will you join us in this collective effort to expand consciousness and co-create a new world? Leave a comment about your thoughts related to these concepts.

Trish and Mike

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