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Is Life Getting in Your Way?

If you’re like many people, you’re putting off practices that you know will help you, like meditation and yoga, until your life settles down. Too much is going on; you’re busy and “life gets in the way” of what you know is likely to be helpful. If your response to this is, “Yep, that’s right, that’s what’s going on with me,” then maybe it’s time to face the following:

The best and perhaps the only way to create a life that runs smoothly is to start going within, rather than trying to first get things under control.

We have all been trained and are in the habit of making things happen. As a culture, we’ve become really good at this. We have used our outer resources, including our physical energy, to the max. But we’ve evolved to the point where we must cultivate our inner resources. And the time to start is now!

The simplest and most effective tool for connecting with our inner wisdom and knowing is through the practice of meditation. Start by meditating just five minutes once or twice a day. You can do that! Here is a simple to learn and effective meditation technique that you can start using right now:

Click to create more time, peace and ease!

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