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Relationship as the Vehicle for Evolution of Consciousness

Photo by Gerome Viavant on Unsplash

We’re excited about the emerging concept of the evolution of consciousness through relationship. The traditional approach to emotional and spiritual growth has been at the level of the individual. The focus of counseling and psychotherapy has usually been on the thoughts, emotions, and behavior of the individual person. Likewise, the traditional path of the seeker of enlightenment has been to pursue one’s spiritual longings in a solitary manner. The path has often entailed working alone with a guru or spiritual teacher. Many seekers have even taken the path of renunciation – giving up all worldly goods and living a life of solitude or in a convent or monastery.

In recent years we have encountered increasing numbers of writers in the field of spiritual and psychological growth that propose that our consciousness is evolving to the point that further evolution will be optimally achieved in the context of relationships. Ken Wilber and Marianne Williamson were among the first we read who described this shift. They purport that it is in the context of relationship, particularly in intimate, sexual relationships, that spiritual growth is optimally achieved. We are inspired and affirmed by this idea because we recurrently experience the greatest lessons and stimulus for our individual and collective growth within the setting of our relationship.

It is important to note that we are not suggesting that personal exploration and work is replaced by focusing on the relationship. Rather, our individual growth is the foundation from which we can then move into evolution through relationship. Remarkably, attending to the growth of the relationship presents material that then allows us the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve personally.

There are several other authors and speakers we’ve encountered recently who are describing the emergence of evolution through relationship. Among them are Katherine Woodward Thomas and Patricia Albere. They too are describing that relationships are a rich and marvelous platform that provides the greatest opportunities for growth. The expansion of their consciousness and experience of divine connection takes place in relationships with others who are equally committed to the realization of their full potential.

We (Mike and Trish) have realized over and over that our greatest psychological and spiritual growth occurs in the context of our relationship with each other. It is important to note that this can also occur in relationship with family, friends and even colleagues. With the willingness to openly discuss one’s thoughts and feelings the opportunity for healing and growth emerges. In this setting, we have noted time and again that unexpected and absolutely amazing experiences of grace and peace arise, in alignment with our most cherished desires. We are committed to continuing the exploration of this avenue of personal development and we will share our discoveries and insights with you along the way.

Stay tuned!

Mike and Trish Duley Zimburean

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