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A place of peace and inspiration where you’ll discover what is possible

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    The Zimburean Center

    Guidance for the Human Journey with Drs Trish and Mike Zimburean
    If you’re ready for the amazing life you know is possible than explore what the Zimburean Center has to offer you.

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    John M. Zimburean, MD

    Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry

    Dr. Zimburean emphasizes the value of psychotherapy and includes medications when they’re likely to help achieve your goals.

    Learn more about Dr. Zimburean’s private practice at the Zimburean Center

    12014  60th Street NE
    Lake Stevens, WA 98258

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    Our Mission

    Here at Zimburean we believe in helping people open up to who they really are, discovering their highest purpose, healing themselves, and finding the greatest meaning for their lives.

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