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Are you feeling restless and dissatisfied?

Are you aware of an underlying discontent you don’t want to face?

Are you concerned this discontent is illogical or selfish?

Are you hungry for something more deeply fulfilling?

Do you want more peace and ease?

We Understand You

We know what it’s like, we’ve been there too, and we know how to help you. We’ve developed an easy to learn and efficient way to find what you’ve been looking for, whatever that is: happiness, contentment, peace and ease, or even joy. You can create your own reality! Having this awareness and building on its power is a delicious and exciting way to live and is the most effective way to transform your life.

Let us show you how to harness this amazing power and create the life you know is possible!

Featured Programs



Embrace Your Magnificence



For More Connectedness with Each Other


Primordial Sound Meditation

A Deeper Meditation Experience


Life Energy Abundance Program

Our 5 Core Practices



Your Path to Healing

Introducing Physicians Who are Raising Consciousness

Mike and Trish Zimburean are physicians whose expertise is guiding individuals and couples with their emotional healing and growth as well as spiritual expansion. We are passionate about helping others find the peace and deep fulfillment they’re longing for and our goal is to become a major contributor to the expansion of consciousness and the healing of our world.

Entering the grounds of the Zimburean Center brings you an immediate sense of peace and comfort. The Zimburean Center is located in a beautiful, tranquil environment providing you with inspiration to go beyond the already successful life you’ve worked for and discovering how to create the even more fulfilling life you know is possible.

Mike & Trish Zimburean - Zimburean Center
``The Zimburean Center is a quiet setting, which is a tremendous thing, you can hear nature.” ~ Cathy O, Lynnwood, WA