Signature Story - Zimburean Center
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Why We Created the Zimburean Center

Before we met and became a couple, we each had a good life.  Yet, deep down we wanted more, and we each believed “this is as good as it gets.” Since spiritual growth was most important to each of us, we unknowingly found ourselves at the same meditation teacher training.

During the course, we realized an incredible connection with one another beyond what we had ever experienced. We decided to join each other as a couple, and since we were each married to other people and living thousands of miles apart, this choice defied rational thinking.  And at the heart and soul level, this decision felt undeniably right.

After making this big leap, over the ensuing years it has become increasingly clear why the Universe brought us together. That reason is to fulfill our higher purpose.

Our mission is to help you discover your highest purpose, heal yourself, and find the greatest meaning for your life through using a set of tools we’ve developed. The real reason we do this work is because, as fulfilling as each of our private practices in medicine has been, we know that incorporating these tools into everyday life is the way to expand consciousness and heal our world.

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Magical Marriages Do Come True

As mentioned above, when we first met, we were each married to other people and did not expect to leave those marriages. But when we met at a meditation teacher training, there was an undeniable desire to be together, akin to an incredibly strong gravitational pull.

We are thrilled to be a couple, but at the same time, we realize that there were aspects of our previous relationships that, if we had a do-over, we would approach differently.

As a result of our experience, we know how to help you reduce the risk of going through the same painful process of separation that we went through. We know how to take you from “this is as good as it gets” to “ the magical marriage of your dreams.

We’re passionate about helping couples experience the closeness, excitement, and harmony they desire. The real reason we do this is because as fulfilling as working in medicine has been, we believe that the practices we’ve discovered and use, are even more effective than traditional approaches in helping you achieve what you want for your marriage.

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