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Solve your life’s challenges in just minutes a day!

A vast majority of people find one or more (sometimes all) of the following areas to be their greatest challenge:

Money Limitations

Family Problems

Work / Career Dissatisfaction

Zimburean LEAP Program


We developed a program that combines quick and easy to learn spiritual and psychological practices that synergize to bring about whatever you want in your life.

Nowhere have we seen a program like this. There are plenty of programs teaching tools such as meditation, and many that describe psychological principles.

We have combined both spirituality and psychology into a unique program, the power and potency of which is like none other.

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LEAP into Your Infinite Potential! 


















This is what your transformation could look like…

I am deeply inspired by the groundbreaking work of Drs. Mike and Trish Duley Zimburean. They effortlessly join their hearts, medical and science training with profound ancient wisdom techniques providing a truly innovative approach towards optimal well-being. I experienced liberation in only a week from a core limiting belief that has stood in my way for years. Working through many layers with this science based approach, Mike and Trish skillfully and intuitively guided me through my own terrain with their progressive tools. I am deeply grateful to them both. They are a tremendous resource in helping others evolve and achieve true inner-peace and health.

~ Brenna S.

The 5 Tools of the LEAP Program

5 Elements of the LEAP Program


This is the core practice you’ll be learning and is the basis for connecting with the wondrous power of who you really are. We’ve developed a means of helping you quickly and easily establish and maintain your meditation practice. This practice alone will change your life. There is a ton of science now that validates the effectiveness of meditation in improving all areas of human life and it is one of the best practices for bringing about personal success.


You’re eleven times more likely to manifest what you want in your life if you write those desires down. We guide you through an easy to implement practice for clarifying and composing exactly what you want in all areas of your life.


This is an amazing and relatively new discovery for neutralizing what can be deeply rooted and highly influential emotional blocks that stand in the way of having what you really want. EP combines thinking thoughts with non-invasive interventions to rebalance components of the human vibrational matrix. Believe it or not, you can feel less anxious or irritated in the moment with this powerful, innovative practice that has definitely changed our lives and can change yours too.


Whether or not you relate to the word spiritual, being inspired is a uniquely human experience. It’s also important for enjoying a satisfying and fulfilling life. Plus it’s fun! Connecting with the source energy of the Universe in this way takes just a minute or two each day yet the power of this practice belies its simplicity. We show you lots of ways to incorporate this practice into your life.


Once you really understand the connection between the non-material (thoughts, feelings, emotions) aspects of your experience, and how this relates and (believe it or not) creates everything in your reality (or physical world), you’ll be absolutely astonished by the results you get and what emerges in your life! We teach you how to shift your thoughts away from the conditioning that created your current belief system to a new way of seeing and living in the world. When you practice this tool your life unfolds in incredible ways.

NOW… You May Be Wondering

“Is this real?”

“This is too good to be true!”

We used to think the same thing, but not anymore.

That’s because we’ve experienced the results in our own lives and receive the same feedback from those we’ve taught.

What is possible is truly astounding!

Here is what people have said as a result of learning to ignite the power of these tools that synergize in truly magnificent ways.

The LEAP program has been quietly powerful and empowering for me. Practicing elements of the program has resulted in multiple improvements in overall wellbeing from subtle shifts in attitudes to more dramatic shifts in energies and action steps. I’ve been especially surprised and delighted by how much I like the Energy Psychology tool and how effective it is in relieving negative emotions like anxiety. I can practice it anytime, anywhere, and I actually get results in the moment!

~ Karen W.

I was experiencing a lot of grief and other feelings over the loss of my dog and I couldn’t get beyond them. I just kept spinning off with my emotions. Trish and Mike helped me work through my intense emotions and for the first time in so long I am sleeping through the night. I feel much calmer. The tools I learned are my lifeline to peace and I am finding it. My husband has noticed a difference too. Trish and Mike, you changed my life, I can’t thank you enough.

~ Julie Z., Seabeck, WA

We are no longer surprised by the gifts we and others continue to experience as a result of practicing these 5 LEAP Tools.


Saturday, January 27

Saturday, February 10

This program spans both Saturdays.

Follow Up Sessions: Thursday, March 1 & 8

LEAP into Your Infinite Potential! 

Saturday, January 27:  9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday, February 10:  9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This program spans both Saturdays.

Follow-up Sessions:

Thursdays: March 1 & 8, 2018, 7-9 PM

You are strongly encouraged to attend both Thursday PM follow up sessions. These sessions will help you embed the tools and ask questions that come up as you practice.

Please show up a few minutes early as we will start on time.

The workshop is limited to 16 people.

For questions call: 425-471-8899

For Additional Inquiries, Please email Mike or email Trish


Workshop located at:

12014 60th St NE,
Lake Stevens, WA 98258



Best price

  • $195TOTAL
    (account not required)

    Credit Card Badges

  • $250TOTAL
    (account not required)

    Credit Card Badges

  • $325TOTAL
    (account not required)

    Credit Card Badges


Who is this program for?
The LEAP program is for people that feel challenged with money, relationships, and/or career. We designed the program to combine quick and easy to learn spiritual and psychological practices that synergize to bring about whatever you want in your life. So, if you are having issues creating the kind of life you envision, then this program is for you.
Why should I take the LEAP program?

The LEAP program goes beyond the traditional, boilerplate programs you may have taken or read about. We help you learn about and discover aspects of your life you don’t even know are possible right now. When working on self-development, most people only focus on one area of their lives. LEAP combines psychology and spiritual (non-religious) development to create wholeness within. This program takes a commitment to knowing who you really are and facing your challenges head-on.

What's included in the program?

You will walk away with tools, strategies, and experiential exercises that you will be practicing for a lifetime for continual improvement. You will have handouts to follow along with, videos to watch and loads of time to ask questions to integrate this material into your being. The Saturday programs include lunch.

What will I go home with?

You will take away a LEAP workbook and access to us during and after the two follow up sessions.

What are the follow-up dates for?

These sessions help you embed the tools and strategies into your everyday life as well as ask questions that come up as you practice. We are serious about guiding you to a more abundant future and these follow up sessions are our commitment to you and your growth.

Is there any additional support?

YES! As mentioned above, there are two follow up sessions after the initial training. Plus there will be a monthly phone call and/or webinar call in.

What is your refund policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied with the program you can receive a full refund.