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We don’t currently have a LEAP Live event scheduled.

To be notified of upcoming dates, please sign up here.

The 5 Tools of the LEAP Program

5 Elements of the LEAP Program


This is the core practice you’ll be learning and is the basis for connecting with the wondrous power of who you really are. We’ve developed a means of helping you quickly and easily establish and maintain your meditation practice. This practice alone will change your life. There is a ton of science now that validates the effectiveness of meditation in improving all areas of human life and it is one of the best practices for bringing about personal success.


You’re eleven times more likely to manifest what you want in your life if you write those desires down. We guide you through an easy to implement practice for clarifying and composing exactly what you want in all areas of your life.


This is an amazing and relatively new discovery for neutralizing what can be deeply rooted and highly influential emotional blocks that stand in the way of having what you really want. EP combines thinking thoughts with non-invasive interventions to rebalance components of the human vibrational matrix. Believe it or not, you can feel less anxious or irritated in the moment with this powerful, innovative practice that has definitely changed our lives and can change yours too.


Whether or not you relate to the word spiritual, being inspired is a uniquely human experience. It’s also important for enjoying a satisfying and fulfilling life. Plus it’s fun! Connecting with the source energy of the Universe in this way takes just a minute or two each day yet the power of this practice belies its simplicity. We show you lots of ways to incorporate this practice into your life.


Once you really understand the connection between the non-material (thoughts, feelings, emotions) aspects of your experience, and how this relates and (believe it or not) creates everything in your reality (or physical world), you’ll be absolutely astonished by the results you get and what emerges in your life! We teach you how to shift your thoughts away from the conditioning that created your current belief system to a new way of seeing and living in the world. When you practice this tool your life unfolds in incredible ways.