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A Prime Reason for Expanding Consciousness

I’ve been on a path of intensive spiritual seeking and growth over the past seven years (my teacher reminds me it’s really been my entire life) that has awakened in me insights I could have never foreseen.

As part of our spiritual practice, Trish and I read inspiring books every morning. Most recently we read Charles Eisenstein’s book entitled The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. We learned of this book from Lissa Rankin, MD who left her traditional practice of medicine and has written Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure.

Charles Eisenstein describes the challenges we face in our world as being a consequence of what he calls “The Story of Separation.” Sages and saints from ancient times to the present have described the mistake of seeing ourselves as separate from the Divine (or however you conceptualize God or Source Energy). When we believe that our choices have little or no impact on other people or the planet, we are living from the perspective of The Story of Separation. He goes on to describe the (hopefully) imminent emergence of the evolution of consciousness that he refers to as “The Story of Interbeing.”

I have encountered this concept repeatedly over these past several years. It is one of the more important basis’ for the pull I feel toward my own personal awakening. I have had the increasing sense of Knowing that this shift in consciousness is the very best way, and quite probably the only way, we will heal our world.

As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

It is becoming clear to many of us that the solutions required to save humanity and our planet cannot come from the same science and politics that created our current global problems and crises. It’s past time for a new paradigm.

The Story of Interbeing is one of the most insightful and compelling descriptions of the kind of shift in consciousness it will take to heal our world. This is necessary at all levels: individual, family, community, nation and worldwide. Charles Eisenstein’s way of describing these concepts as they apply to healing ourselves and our world is the best I’ve encountered to date.

There is great cause for hope as we embrace this new paradigm that many have foreseen and even more of us are now recognizing. I encourage you to read this book and accelerate your awareness of this compelling approach to the challenges we are each facing at this point in history.



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